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By accessing and using our website www.gbminers-club.com or any related websites, or Israel or related entities (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “operator", “the site”, “www.gbminers-club.com” or the "company"), you agree to accept and abide by the following terms and conditions. your access and use of the site also will be affected by our privacy policy. These terms and conditions (“T&C”) are applicable to all bitcoins - scheduled transactions on the site and affiliate site. If you don’t agree with the T&C, please do not use the site or any services. Before carrying out trade on the site, you should review the terms and conditions, because they may be updated from time to time. If you continue to use this site and its service, it means you agree to our new T&C. Please note: - it is very important that “Promisee must be over 18 years to buy the cloud mining contract by the website”. “Before buying cloud mining contract, you have to check the local governing law, and if you are permitted, you can purchase!”


“Encryption currency” is a virtual currency, whose security is ensured by cryptography. The cloud mining contract is an exclusive right, which is an encryption currency in future produced by operators’ computer system and a specific hash rate applied between the term’s Promisee and operator. Unless operators and acceptors have other appointments, the lease term is 21 months starting from the data that buys the cloud mining contract month. Promisee is the cloud mining contract’s buyer through the site, and they are also known as the “user” or “you”. The operator is a company with www.gbminers-club.com, affiliated websites and computer systems. It produces encryption currency and provides cloud mining contracts. The operator’s computer system is the software and hardware which are owned and operated by operators to produce encrypted currency. The purchase date of lease contract is the date that Promisee submits the requirement of purchasing cloud mining contract online, unless the written agreement has been reached between operators and acceptor. Transaction is the agreement between Promisee and operators to buy the cloud mining contract at an agreed price. The price is the agreed price by Promisee to buy cloud mining contract. The transaction price is the total price which is paid to operators of the cloud mining exploitation. The output is amount which is generated/distributed by hash rate of cloud mining contract.
(a) Promisee agrees to pay the transaction price to the operator;
(b) Operator agrees to try its best to operate the operator’s computer system, use the hash rate agreed by operator and Promisee to produce encrypted currency, and pay the mining every day. After the purchase date, operator will choose based on these T&C;
(c)Promisee agrees that operators can determine their own computer system.

The procedure to purchase cloud mining contract

www.codecurrency - club.com provides the cloud mining contract. If Promisee accepts the transaction price, they can submit a valid purchase request via an online form on the site. By submitting such a purchase request, the online payment will be processed and the transaction will be binding on them. Please ensure that all your data is correct. Please note that the encrypted currency transaction is irreversible. Besides, you have the responsibility to ensure that your e-mail communication is secure and prevent third-party’s access.

Personal account

To purchase a cloud mining contract at www. dweller - club. com, users must establish a personal account with his or her name, e-mail, phone number, and password’s operator. It is free to establish a personal account, but you must accept the terms and conditions. The user name cannot be changed. Users must ensure that their name and password are confidential at any time. The operator will reserve users’ rights towards abuse, and they will frequently record the quantity of encryption currency produced under Promisee’s cloud mining contract. The operator will try their best to ensure that these records are accurate and newest. Operators won’t guarantee that such records and reservations are absolutely accurate. Acceptors don’t have absolute correct number of cryptocurrencies records in their individual accounts.


By purchasing the cloud mining contract on our website, you acknowledge and agree that: in some countries, the encrypted currency is not the legal currency and they are not regulated by any central authority; they may be affected by extreme price fluctuation; you know the risks associated with virtual currencies, including Mcap; you are responsible for protecting your Mcap, wallet, computer, software, bank account and personal data and preventing them form any theft, fraud or illegal activity; we do not undertake any liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or your authorized agent or representative, whether direct or indirect, including any false information you provide for us; all the completed transactions are irreversible; we are not responsible for the transfer of any incorrect wallet id, and you and your agent agree to directly or indirectly release us from all losses or losses; you have obtained independent legal and financial recommendations for the risks which are associated with the purchase of encrypted currency, or you are willing to or decide to not to do it; we have the right to refuse any orders for any reason, which is our definitely discretion, and you agree to release and compensate us when exercising this discretion. Promisee further acknowledges that the encrypted currency including Mcap has risks especially price fluctuations. Additionally, there might be no unforeseeable risks found in these T&Cs and we shall not bear any responsibility for these unforeseeable risks.


www.gbminers-club.com does not provide any legal, financial, insurance, tax, investment or related advice. All transactions are the sole responsibility of his or her personal circumstances. We do not recommend providing anything on the site. www.gbminers-club.com is not responsible for the loss of users caused by the spot price and the price of purchase and sale of any cryptocurrencies in output. The services on our website only provide convenience for the use of cryptocurrencies in unregulated international trade. At any event www.gbminers-club.com or its suppliers shall be liable for use or inability to use the website caused by any compensation (including but not limited to compensation for loss of data or profits, or due to business interruption), or the possibility of such damages informed verbally or in writing by any part or cloud mining contract even if www.gbminers-club.com or authorized representative. These restrictions may not apply to you as some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties or limitations on the liability of compensation for consequence or incidental damages. Our liability will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, under the condition that applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental damages. Unless otherwise specified, we shall not bear any responsibilities (including negligence) for any profit loss, lost income or any direct or indirect damages or losses from purchasing the cloud mining contract, or any direct or indirect death, personal injuries or financial losses due to our services including losses, responsibilities or costs due to purchase of cloud mining contract. In addition, we are not responsible for any internet connection failure, malfunction, delay or interruption, or that for any reason our website can not be used at any time or at any period. Nor can we take responsibility for any incorrect information from third parties. In the case of fraud, we will report all necessary information to the relevant authorities, including name, address and all other required information, to deal with fraud and violations.

Termination or suspension

These articles can be terminated by any party at any time on the premise of prior notice. However, if the user violates any of our articles, we may terminate this agreement immediately. Additionally, we reserve the right to take legal actions against users and suspend their rights to visit our website and services. Therefore, we may use the users’ IP addresses to prevent the computers from visiting our website. Plus, we may contact your Internet service provider and take measures to prevent you from visiting our websites and services and take legal actions to retrieve the costs especially when you try to use the website to conduct unlawful activities, violate these articles or refuse to pay for you transactions or other related fraudulent behavior. We also reserve the right to cancel the transactions which have not been paid nor confirmed. We reserve the right to stop providing services without any notice and to refuse to provide services for anyone without reason, especially when a user registers a fake identity to purchase or provides fake personal information such as E-mail address, or interferes any company’s operation or user language. We cannot accept any words relating to vulgarity, racism, sexism or aggressiveness. If the user decides to terminate the contract, no refund will be provided.


We shall not warrant, represent or suggest for any information on our website www.gbminers-club.com. Meanwhile, we decline any other guarantees including but not limited to implied condition of warranty or marketability, applicability of specific purpose or no infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights. Additionally, we do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the materials on our website or other websites related to these materials. There might be technical, typesetting or photographic errors on www.gbminers-club.com. We also reserve the right to amend the materials on the website at any time without prior notice. However, we do not make any commitment for updating the materials. 。

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